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Sunday February 18th Lahontan Ride - 9th Street Parking Area •••• Thursday March 8th HDH/General Membership Meeting

The purpose and objectives of the High Desert Horsemen include the following:

To promote and encourage safe and wholesome equestrian activities in northwestern Nevada.

To undertake educational activities designed to provide a safer equestrian experience, and to reduce the impacts of equestrian use upon trails, rangelands and other open space.

To promote stewardship of public lands and proper use thereof.

•To promote good horsemanship, safe proper care of animals, safe riding and handling practices, and responsible conduct individually and in groups.

•To promote self-sufficiency among equestrians in emergency situations and disasters, both as individuals or as formally organized groups, such as those identified in FEMA’s “Animals in Disasters” publications.

•To provide educational information about historic trails and public lands, with an emphasis on proper use of, and preservation of, said lands and trails.

•To work with Federal, state and local agencies, both informally and through formal agreements, to provide for a safer equestrian environment, preserve public lands and trails, provide emergency assistance other equestrian related activities to governmental entities that contribute for a safer, more wholesome equestrian experience and that help improve services and/or reduce costs for public agencies with which the Association affiliates.

•To organize group activities that directly and indirectly further the purpose and objectives of the Association.

•To cooperate with other local, state and national equestrian organizations for mutual benefit, and for the benefit of equestrians, equines and public entities with which equestrians interact.

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